Group Coaching

Group coaching links professionals together to make their work more effective. This coaching opportunity may be formal or informal and could include peers with a common interest or people from different organizations who want to collaborate to increase effectiveness. One example may be the managers of different lines of business, who may not be on a team, but want to meet to share lessons, learned, best practices, and create efficiencies through shared knowledge.

  • Group coaching offers a thorough assessment, feedback and coaching process, tailored to meet the group's needs. The program is available via face-to-face delivery at your location or our facility. Human Architecture coaches may also deliver coaching telephonically or via video teleconference.


    • Group and Human Architecture staff works together to determine the best coach for their needs.
    • Group and coach develop a clear agreement on the desired outcomes for the engagement.
    • Coach assists the group through a custom assessment package to determine the strength and assessment needs.
    • Experienced organizational coaches use motivational, consultative and educational process interventions designed to enhance effectiveness.
    • The coach challenges, supports, and facilitates progress through a combination of face-to-face and telephone coaching sessions, as well as video conferences, depending on the needs.

    Best suited for:

    • Business owners and top executives
    • People in professional groups (HR, Finance, Medical)
    • People who have completed a Coaching for Development program and may be involved in creating a 'coaching culture' within an organization
    • Managers within an organization who want to improve productivity.
    • Groups who feel they may benefit from the value added by an external professional coach.
    • Groups who have unresolved conflicts obstructing their progress.

    Suggested outcomes:

    • Deepened knowledge of a specific area through shared experience
    • Increased productivity through shared practices and lessons learned
    • Improved understanding of how an organization shares, processes, and uses information
    • Deepened awareness of shared situations.


    • Typically structured to last 6 to 12 months according to the group's needs.
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