Business Consulting for Corporations

Human Architecture Business Consulting for Corporations programs are designed to give corporate and public sector leaders the extra edge they need to stay ahead in an increasingly complex business world. The greatest complexity however, is not in the intricacies of the industry or sector in which they work. The real challenge of leadership lies in an ability to motivate and inspire a team or an entire workforce to perform at their fullest potential.

Human Architecture customized Business Consulting for Corporations  programs provide senior managers with tools and behavioral adjustments that reinforce the trust and confidence of their peers and motivate their teams to perform at their absolute best.

Examples of topics covered within a typical confidential coaching session are; communication skills, active listening, assertiveness, coaching skills, dealing with conflicts, understanding self, understanding others, effective meetings, presentation skills, dealing with self-limiting beliefs, shifting self-defeating mind sets, making tough decisions and execution of those decisions.

Human Architecture most popular programs with our corporate clients include the following:

· A pre-contract interview with the coachee.

· A pre-contract interview with the key stakeholders/sponsor.

· 12 confidential coaching sessions over a period of six months.

· Email follow-up after each session confirming commitments made by the coachee.

· A DISC personality assessment.

· Unlimited on demand coaching (ad-hoc telephone coaching sessions as situations arise).

· Optional shadow coaching.

· Books that might be valuable and relevant to the coachee.

· A written interim report at the three month stage.

· Interim meeting with coachee and stakeholders at the three month stage.

· Summary report and recommendations at the end of the program.

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