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The primary goal of Human Architecture Assessment Services is to help you get better results from your employees. Our tools include the most accurate and most affordable assessments available today. Our secondary goal is to provide this tool to you at the most affordable cost with the most effortless delivery.

Our assessments provide you with information about your employees, how best to communicate with them, how to motivate them, and knowledge of the values that drive their behavior. We also have many assessments to help you diagnose the root causes of specific employee difficulties.

On the following pages you will find a broad variety of information regarding the use of assessments in the work place, the 20-plus assessment instruments available, and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Use Assessments?

What assessments are the best?

How Do I Use Assessments With My Employees?




Why Use Assessments?

Would you like to know what motivates employees, as well as how best to communicate with them? These are a couple of things that assessments can provide for you. The best time to get the most "value for the money" from employee assessments is before you hire them. But you can still learn a great deal from assessments about employees that have been on your staff for awhile.

Assessments provide an objective measurement of your employees' behavior, values, passions, and much more. Plus, they can often provide valuable diagnostic insight to problems your client might be experiencing. In fact, sometimes indications of problems become evident through assessments before they actually manifest themselves in overt behavior!

What assessments are the best?

There is a broad variety of assessment instruments available today for many uses. Many psychologists use a personality
assessment called Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and some
use a variant called the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. These
assessments use a combination of four letters and one or two
words to categorize respondents. Unfortunately, Myers-Briggs
and Keirsey are limited to categorizing only 16 different
personality types.

Administering these assessments usually requires 150 or more
questions and is a lengthy process. This laborious process can bore individuals with short attention spans and lower levels of
attention-to-detail to the point that they will respond to ques-tions incorrectly or arbitrarily simply to complete the process.

An entirely different class of assessments analyzes single aspects of the whole person (i.e., behavior, values, skills, etc.) and that's what we use at Human Architecture Assessment Services. We did our homework and found the most accurate family of validated assessments available anywhere, those are from Target Training International, Ltd. (TTI).

Our behavioral assessments use the DISC model initially developed by Dr. William M. Marston, the inventor of the
lie detector, and then greatly improved by Bill J. Bonnstetter,
CEO and founder of T.T.I. The benefits of the DISC model of
behavioral assessment are the short questionnaire of only 24
questions and highly accurate and detailed reports of up to 28

Many of our specialized and more-focused assessment
instruments are based on the DISC model. And, unlike other
assessments, our DISC assessments can graph over 19,000
different responses and 384 different respondent reports.

Our "Values and Attitudes" assessment instrument takes
very little time for response, with only 12 questions in which
respondents list their priorities. The report is equally accurate
and detailed in 12 pages. It provides "the why" of behavior,
identifying the attitudes that motivate one into action.

Our "soft skill" assessment uses a new and innovative model
to accurately measure the respondent's mastery of the 23 soft
skills required for success in the workplace.


How Do I Use Assessments With My Employees?

Intake Process
The best time to use assessments is as a part of the initial "Hiring Process" with new employees. Performing assessments during the hiring process is the best time to use assessments, but that doesn't mean you won't learn things about present employees using our assessments. In fact, we GUARANTEE you'll learn things about your employees that you didn't know before. That's right, if you're not satisfied with our assessments, we'll give you your money back.

Once your employee takes the assessment, you'll know within twenty four hours because you'll receive a copy of their report in PDF (viewable with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader) in your e-mail in-box.

Analysis (Normally takes 2-4 days)
Once your employee takes her/his assessments, the analysis phase begins. During this period, a professional behavioral analyst will review all of your employees' assessments and compile a Coachability Profile Analysis for your employees. This will give you a better idea of how best to motivate them, potential blocks to coaching, and other potential problems such as job stress or job mismatch. You'll also receive a special step-by-step Coach Review process to use with your employees and instructions for preparatory work by your employee.

Follow-up (Recommended)
Once you and your employees have completed the review of your assessments, don't just file them away and forget them. Periodically, encourage your managers or yourself take a look at them to help recall your employee’s behavioral style values, or mastery of soft skills. Work on and improvement of some aspects of what's discussed in the assessments should become a part of their personal development.


Human Architecture Assessment Services has a special assessment package for organizations with the best assessment instruments suited for general coaching situations.

You will need to have Acrobat Reader to view these examples.

3 Assessments Package:
Best for working individuals needing evaluation of their soft skills in addition to their behavior and attitudes. This package is a combination of the DNA Personal Soft Skills Indicator and Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values (PIAV) assessment instruments with one of the Managing for Success behavioral series of either Employee-Manager, Executive, or Sales versions. (If one of the prospective individuals is an executive or works in sales, we recommend using the versions seen below.) The 3 Assessments Package includes:

Managing For Success® (MFS) Employee-Manager™ Version
[PDF sample of results]

Behavioral Assessment
Gives valuable information on the employee using a work environment vocabulary that can be readily understood and adapted personally by most employees. This assessment instrument provides the broadest variety of information useful in a typical coaching relationship.

Based on the individual's responses to the assessment, a personalized computer-generated report details:

General Characteristics
Value To The Organization
Check List for Communicating
Does and Don'ts on Communicating
Ideal Environment
Motivated Style
Keys to Motivation
Keys to Managing
Action Plan

The Goal of the MFS Employee-Manager is to create an environment for increased communication. This creates a win-win situation for the client and coach. This is a must for all employees, except executives and sales personnel.


Personal Interest, Attitudes and Values™ (PIAV)
[PDF sample of results]

Attitudes and Values Assessment
A person's performance and attitude can be directly related to how they feel about the Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values factors. This assessment instrument is the companion to the MFS behavioral assessment and provides the "why" of behavior.

This report allows individuals to understand how values affect their choices and, thus, provide purpose and direction in their lives. This is the "must-have" companion to the behavioral assessment and tells "why" the employee does what she does.

Results and Benefits:
Know the "why" of actions
Understand the causes of conflict
Develop an increased appreciation for the uniqueness of others
Appreciate the viewpoint of others who see life differently
Increase "valuing" of life
Increase satisfaction and fulfillment in life
Understand the importance of values compatibility
Learn how your values relate to the general populace


DNATM Personal Soft Skills Indicator™
[PDF sample of results]

Soft Skills Assessment
The Personal Soft Skills Indicator is designed to assess an individual's mastery of the 23 Soft Skills. The Personal Soft Skills Indicator is recommended for Employee Development and Performance Management. The 23 Soft Skills include:

Analytical Problem Solving, Employee Development, Personal Effectiveness, Conflict Management, Flexibility, Persuasion, Continuous Learning, Futuristic Thinking, Planning/Organizing, Creativity/Innovation, Goal Orientation,
Presenting, Customer Service, Interpersonal Skills, Teamwork Decision-Making, Leadership, Time & Priorities, Diplomacy, Management, Written Communication, Empathy Negotiation



Individual Assessment Instruments

Besides the assessment instruments described above, which are also available separately, we also have the following assessments:

Please click on the title of the assessment to see a sample copy of the assessment report.

MFS Executive Version
[PDF sample of results]

Behavioral Assessment
Designed for those clients who are CEO's, managers and decision-makers, it provides an accurate analysis of their strengths and their value to the organization. It offers knowledge that enables them to negotiate a communication system that produces more effective work teams.

Results and Benefits:
Identify how an executive approaches problems and challenges
Target characteristics that can move an executive from a "manager" of people to a "leader" of people Offer strategies for communicating openly, honestly and directly to get the results

Of particular interest to the executive is how the Executive report identifies his/her communication preferences. By sharing this information, the executive can negotiate a communication system with individuals and teams that is more effective and efficient. This is the preferred behavioral assessment for individuals who are executives.


MFS Sales Version
[PDF sample of results]

Behavioral Assessment
Specifically designed for those clients who work in a sales-related job, this assessment focuses on behavioral and communications skills required for sales. Since sales work is different from most fields, MFS Sales takes the crucial differences into account and provides information on an individual's style of selling.

Results and Benefits:

Shows the client most-preferred products to sell
Provides a broad understanding of the client's natural sales style
Offers insights into adapting their sales style to give customers what they want
Gives client a firm understanding of sales strengths and weaknesses
Can bring a client out of a sales slump and back on a winning track

This is the "preferred" behavioral assessment for individuals who are in sales.


MFS Successful Career Planning™
[PDF sample of results]

Research suggests that 50-80 percent of all employed adults are in the wrong job or career. Successful Career Planning helps adults plan career decisions and changes by clarifying job expectations, discover reasons for inner conflict or stress experienced in past or present jobs, analyze one's perception of the "ideal" job, and compare the "ideal" job with the present job. In addition, the software provides a list of occupations and DOT numbers, which require behavior closest to the respondent's natural style. This is the "recommended tool" for those seeking to enter the job market or desiring a mid-career transition or life-change.


Family Talk™ Parent & Young Adult versions
[PDF sample of results for Parent]

[PDF sample of results for Young Adult]

Effective communication is the core of all family relationships. This program was developed to assist each family achieve the following objectives:

To identify and understand your natural behavioral and communications style
To appreciate other family members natural behavioral and communications styles
Blend your style with others for effective communication

Family Talk is available in a Parent version and a Young Adult version. Family Talk is the perfect tool for diagnosing and resolving family issues and problems.


Relationship Insights™
[PDF sample of results]

Our ability to interact effectively with others often means the difference between success and failure in relationships. However, before we can understand others we must first understand ourselves. Relationship Insights was designed to provide that understanding. Good for any clients involved in a relationship, this assessment is "mandatory" for relationships suffering communications or compatibility problems.


MFS Time P.L.U.S.™
[PDF sample of results]

Identifies Time Wasters that impact individual productivity, and suggests solutions for correcting or eliminating specific time wasters. I t allows individuals the opportunity to develop a powerful new approach to organizing, monitoring, and managing their time. This is the "perfect" diagnostic tool for clients having time management difficulties!


MFS Team Building
[PDF sample of results]

The MFS Team Building report helps the manager identify and harness individual energies, and effectively channel them towards group goals. The information is presented in a non-threatening manner to encourage members to share reports, recognize team priorities, resolve disagreement, blend their styles, and achieve team goals. Team Building is a great assessment to recommend to clients that have problems with their teams at work or anywhere.


MFS Customer Service
[PDF sample of results]

Designed to allow clients having any contact with customers to learn more about themselves and learn how certain customers will react to their natural communication style. This increased knowledge will help the employee build rapport and provide more successful customer service. Great for any client dealing with customers!


MFS Communicating With Style™
[PDF sample of results]

Enhances the communication process with any client or group through an understanding of an individual's own communication style. The report includes a section on Communication Flexibility and Situational Strategies that develop group communication. An Action Plan designates specific communication goals. Communicating with Style deals solely with communication problems and their resolution.


Sales Strategy Index™
[PDF sample of results]

This Index report covers six different steps in the sales process: Prospecting, First Impressions, Qualifying, Demonstration, Influence and Closing.

Results and Benefits:

Simplifies Sales Training
Allows managing and coaching to be focused on the areas that produce results
Builds confidence
Identifies the sales strategy knowledge areas that are needed to sell a specific product/service in a given market
Identifies new sales applicant's strengths and weaknesses
Identifies specific training or management needs of a salesperson or sales-force

Sales Strategy Index is "highly recommended" for individuals who strive mastery in sales.


Golf Stroke Saver
[PDF sample of results]

It's understood that much of the game of golf is mental, not physical. How you hit the ball is an action that is based upon your evaluation of how to "play the hole." Your behavioral style directly dictates how you play the game and the risks you take. Analyzing your behavioral style and how it relates to the game of golf help you better understand yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and how to improve your game. Golf Stroke Saver is the perfect tool for clients who golf and sometimes complain about frustration with their game.


Total Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guaranteed!

If you're not satisfied with one of our assessments, we offer a money-back guarantee up to 30 days after your purchase. We're here to help you every step along the way. We offer various levels of training on assessments.

Consider Human Architecture Assessment Services as your partner in assessments!

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