"Julio has become a part of our team. With his assistance we are changing the culture and language of our 75 year old Company. Our Vision Statement is " America's Finest Jewelry Family" and Julio is guiding us to achieve this goal." 

Brad Campbell President, Morgan Jewelers.

"We recently hired Julio Garreaud to teach a course on Interpersonal Communication for Supervisors. And the results were pretty much unanimous - employees thought he was a rock star! They continue to rave about his class!"

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value 

Julio Garcia, Director, Salt Lake County Employee’s University

"I've known Julio for quite a few years and every time we get together I learn something new. He has a brilliant mind and a lot of knowledge. He can see people from different angles and provide the best approach for any corporation. He understands business and is an amazing professional."

Shahar Boyayan, CEO, Buzzbooster.com

"Smart, personable and insightful, Julio is full of knowledge and experience when it comes to executive and organizational coaching. When pressed, he can provide example after example of crisis situations in which he has helped individuals or organizations turn themselves around. With a unique style that exudes competence and confidence, he gets results. Hire him and your status quo will never be the same." 

Tracy Harden, Principal, Harden Marketing & PR, Inc.

"If I had to describe Julio in one word, it would be "Excellence." I met Julio while I was starting my business 19 years ago. While talking to him he gave me just one piece of free advice that turned my business around. After 19 successful years I always go back to listen to his insights, ideas and knowledge. He is a man with an organizational mind, with high integrity. He wants to help people to excel, because he knows everybody can if we just decide to do it the right way, not what feels comfortable."

I hired Julio as a Business Consultant in 1992, and hired Julio more than once.

Ana Maria Fereday, President Spanish Yellow Pages

"We hired Julio to provide a 4-hour training on communications to our office of about 30 employees. Not only did he provide a transformative and engaging training session, but he has followed up with our leadership team to help us continue the conversation. Julio is insightful, experienced and creative. He holds your attention and makes you think and reflect about the stories we tell ourselves and others about who we are and what we do. He is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to his next visit." 

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative 

Jason Yokom, Director of Contracts & Procurement Division at Salt Lake County

"In the past 6 months, Julio has helped to transform how I perceive and use the power of language in my business as well as my home. You may be looking through a window to see how you want to improve but Julio will give you the power to see through the brick walls in your life to change you forever. He is a master weaver for self-improvement." 

I hired Julio as a Business Consultant in 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Jeremy Fillmore ASLA, LLA, President Northland Design

"I have worked with Julio on Team Building at the Park City Toastmasters’ club. Julio possesses such a positive attitude, and is passionate about what he does. He has been a great mentor for me in personal and professional levels. I recommend Julio to individuals & corporations want to excel in maximizing human resources."

Hae Bolduc, Corporate Applications Director, Stampin' Up!

"Julio invites you to examine your life and business to enable you to be congruent with your values. Deep evaluation is refining. For example, he helped me see Truth in a more meaningful way and my business and my soul are better for it. I recommend his coaching to anyone seeking real improvement." 

Stepahnni Myers, Consultant, Xcel Marketing

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Julio for 15+ years on a personal and business level. Julio is one of a kind - a person of integrity and who believes in making and keeping connections and relationships. He is a man of true honor and grit. He has fought for our country and knows what TRUE sacrifice means. He is a professional that engages and believes in what he teaches and offers other Business Professionals, and stands behind everything he says. Julio thinks outside the box and his knowledge is beyond phenomenal. I know that if I ever needed him, Julio would be there for me. Thanks for making a difference Julio." 

I hired Julio as a Career Coach in 2008, and several times thereafter.

Piper Hurtt Rose

"If you truly want to transform your organization and identify the barriers that are getting in the way of your success, you need Julio Garreaud. Julio's ability to discern and distill the critical elements necessary to take your business to the next level is unmatched." I worked directly with Julio at Human Architecture."

Big Mark Eaton, Motivational Speaker. Trainer. Coach, 7ft4.com

"Natural leader. Confident speaker. Man of insight. Wide knowledge of how businesses run. Those are just a few of the complimentary phrases that describe Julio Garreaud. Julio is enthusiastic about helping people, knows what he's talking about and always delivers. 

He recently spoke at our organization - Datamark - on how to lead a team. He had great insights, excellent examples and plenty of fascinating stories; his presentation was much appreciated by his audience and was completely worthwhile. I highly recommend Julio Garreaud for his inspiration, his coaching abilities, and his breadth of knowledge of the business world." May 6, 2010." 

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Andy Cier, VP Client Solutions at DATAMARK

"Having met Julio through Park City Toastmasters, I am honored to have become his friend. His leadership in Toastmasters has inspired and helped me to become a more accomplished speaker and leader. Julio's interesting background and exciting experiences gives him an insight into human nature that cannot be duplicated. His positive and encouraging attitude is infectious and motivating. I am confident that, if anyone can get you and your business moving on the right track, Julio can."

Sue Ann Kern, Owner of Entrepreneur, Face It! Social Media Marketing

"For the past year, Julio and I have had the opportunity to work together as he has helped me to improve myself. We have spent hours on topics that were specifically tailored to me and my business. I can say without hesitation that it has been time very well spent. Julio helps me to realize the answers that I am looking for and gets me to do the things that I need done so I can succeed. I highly recommend him both as a friend and business partner."

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.

Eric Hansen, Vice President of Sales at Integratec


"Julio is a great motivator. He tells it like it is. This has been a great help for me while running my business. Julio can be a great tool in the success of your business." I hired Julio as a Business Consultant in 2010.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity"

Ricky Haynie, President of All Access Recreation

"Julio invites you to examine your life and business to enable you to be congruent with your values. Deep evaluation is refining. For example, he helped me see truth in a more meaningful way and my business and my soul are better for it. I recommend his coaching to anyone seeking real improvement." 

Stepahnni Myers, Consultant, Xcel Marketing

"Julio is the model of professionalism and a joy to work with. His recommendations were on target and beneficial."

Todd Dabell, TSG, Boart Longyear