The Most Beautiful Word in the English Language

We've all worked for or with those leaders whose first priority seems to be garnering credit and praise -- so what is it that lets a rare few truly galvanize others around the mission? While the archetypal CEO is brash, even arrogant, and struggling to appear powerful, the real stars have an ancient and invaluable gift: Humility. EQ leadership consultant Bruna Martinuzzi offers a practical guide to this essential attribute of Level 5 Leaders.


The Physics of Emotion: Candace Pert on Feeling Go(o)d


By Joshua Freedman

Even before she was chief of brain biochemistry at the National Institutes of Health, Candace Pert made a breakthrough discovery that changed the way scientists understand the mind-body connection.


The Front Lines

Fernando Flores Says Entrepreneurs Are New World Leaders. 


An Interview of Jack Reilly

Center for Quality of Management Journal
An interview of Jack Reilly by David Walden
Q: What was your initial introduction to the methods of Fernando Flores? What problem were you trying to solve?

Mr. Reilly: The methods of Fernando Flores initially got my attention as a new approach to process. In IBM I was the owner of 3 or 4 major company processes, and the lead process person in the company directed me to a new approach to process from Fernando Flores. I was intrigued, and wanted to know about the source of the new ideas. As it happened, a critical business issue was being discussed within IBM at the time, and I had the assignment to digest the key issues and bring them to the Corporate Strategy Council.


The Power of Words

Fernando Flores was Chile's minister of finance -- and, later, a political prisoner. Now he teaches companies how to use assessments and commitments to transform the way they do business. The outcome: executives who speak and act with intention.