Is This You?

Although the circumstances may change, the struggles people are going through are remarkably similar. See if any of these sound familiar to you:

  • You are experienced in business doing it "the regular way." You can make the numbers match up and make the business run very successfully. In the process you lost your heart, the passion, and the reason for all of that work.
  • You are great, probably masterful, at what you do. You are a high executive, a business owner, a sole practitioner, consultant, or run a small retail store based on your dreams, or some other business or operation that brings what you love to the world. What gets lost is how to make the business work. You wonder if there is a way to be in business that honors the sacredness of what you do, and still pays the bills.
  • You are exhausted by your business. In normal circumstances you love what you do, but you have become burnt out and depleted, and yet you are afraid to rest because your survival is at stake. You have a business and no life to live.
  • You've been doing okay in business, but you're tired of just "okay." You've watched other similar businesses come in and grow faster than you, and you wonder if you can ever "get over the hump" into real momentum. You'd love to feel what it's like to really have your business fly.
  • You feel like the oddball of the company. You work in sales, or in another corporate situation where you have some control over your workday and earning potential. But because of your heart or spirituality, you sometimes feel like a Martian, and don't know how to be yourself and be successful.
  • You've had success, maybe even a lot of it, and now it's time for what's next. Successful people get to a certain level because of knowledge and strategies that work. But, you suspect it's time to go into the unknown, both in business, and in your heart. You need to allow yourself to be transformed, and you don't know how to go about it.

No matter which of these situations you find yourself in, we can help you.

Our clients have been in the following types of businesses and industries:

Corporate: CEOs, CFOs, Presidents, VPs, Sales managers, sales professionals, managing directors, executives, anyone who is responsible for their earning potential.
Finance and Real Estate: financial planners, mortgage brokers, financial professionals, Real Estate Agents.
Restaurants and Hospitality: Restaurants, hotels, convention centers.
Change management, leadership development, human resources/hiring practices, conflict management, sales and marketing.
Coaching: Executive coaching, business coaching, corporate coaching.
Holistic Health: Chiropractors, massage Therapists, and others..
Medical/Allied Health: Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, Physical Therapists.
Retail/Wholesale: Retail stores, supplies.


So, what is possible for you?
After delivering daily coaching sessions to different individuals for 11 years, and hundreds of classes and seminars, I have seen that although each business and industry has its unique challenges, there are common patterns that transcend the details. The Human Architecture team can help you thrive in your business technically, spiritually and financially.

But will it work for you?
It will, if you have these values:

  • Contribution. What really inspires you in business is the desire to make a difference for others.
  • You are unique. And you know that uniqueness trumps competition- meaning that each person and business has a unique gift, there is plenty for everyone, and so brutal competition doesn’t have to exist.
  • You want to be excellent. You have the desire and willingness to be masterful at what you do- to continue growing, learning, and applying.
  • You know there is more to life than you can see. You know, or at least suspect, that reality is more than just the physical. Perhaps you believe in God, the Divine, or have some experience or understanding that our spiritual natures are real.
  • Willing to get help. You know that the best way to help others is to make sure that you have adequate help yourself where you need it.
  • You are willing to invest in your business. For others to believe in it, you have to believe in it, and you know that the right investments are what nourish your business to succeed.

If this is you, I ask you to be courageous and blunt and you call me or email me so that we can be in communication and design a new future for you and your business.

Then, you may be wondering how this all works.