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julio garreaudHuman Architecture was founded in 1999 by Julio Garreaud, who had the vision to alter views of leadership and the purpose of work in organizations.

Garreaud’s experience in health care, thirty years of military service (US Army Special Forces), twenty years of entre-
preneurship, and many years of coaching and working with people inspired him to take on making a difference with people and organizations that are committed to excellence.

Inspiring people to act and giving them power to do so may be the single most important difference between those companies that idle and those that develop a competitive edge.

Human Architecture's goal is to support people as they put purpose to work in their personal and professional lives. We work with executives and management teams to assist organizations achieve breakthrough results in interpersonal communication, creativity, competency, customer service, and profitability.

Our name reflects our vision of living and working from a designed strategy. Our strategy involves daring to venture inward to discover your purpose and then making a difference in the world.

Our philosophy is best illustrated by our logo, infinity. Human Architecture helps you cultivate the same unique combination of characteristics suggested by infinity: unlimited growth and endless possibilities.

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