Myopia vs Reality

The same way our body age and degenerate so do our relationships and businesses.  Most Americans will need to wear some type of glasses in order to maintain good eye sight.   Year after year we will need a stronger prescription.  Trendy new glasses allow us to see better, but do not change our reality.  Without them, we are no longer effective with reading, driving, and playing sports this handicap becomes a total bother for us.   In the other hand, our personal relationships and business have been deteriorating for years so we have bought the bigger diamond, the new SUV or Cadillac, the new home, trips to the Bahamas, Paris or Peru.  They all improved the relationship momentarily, but don’t take care of the real issues.  In business, we increased the line of credit, paid a few old bills, hired new managers that promised better performance, acquired new computers and added technology, but the employees are still not emotional engaged with the organization, clients keep going to greener pastures, our profits are minimal or nonexistent.  We work way too many hours and have no time for family, fun times or community involvement.  So what is the answer?

Personally, I started listening to my doctor and accepted his advice based on his reality as a professional.  He advised me to have cataract surgery which would replace my cloudy lenses with two crystal clear implants.  It totally transformed the way I see the world.  It is unbelievable for me to be able to see the lines on my hands.  The sun is brighter.  The flowers are beautiful with bright colors that I couldn’t see before.  I will now be able to easily repair a flat tire on my bicycle, because I will SEE the puncture in the tube.  Many other things will become very easy for me.  I highly recommend the Eye Institute of Utah specially Dr. Robert Cionni MD.

Regarding relationships and business, I can also say that I have learned how to listen.  I listen to my partner and consider her opinions and honor her requests.   I am willing to shut up, listen, and try it her way.  I don’t know everything and never will.  Being a true partner to her has caused a huge transformation for our relationship and has positively affected how I manage my business.  My life never has been this good.

I challenge you to STOP and take a minute to ask someone qualified to look at your relationships and specially your business.  Let them tell you what they see that is working and what they see that is NOT working.  Hire a business coach or relationship coach.  Work with your coach for a year and see what a huge differences you can make in your life.  If you have any commitment to yourself, you owe it to yourself, your family, and your employees. Today is the time to start living your fabulous LIFE.

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