F-16 Flight Simulator

I have a best friend that flights F-16 Fighter planes in the US Air Force.  A few years back he invited me a couple times to the base and showed me how the F-16 flight simulator works.  He even let me sit in the simulator and let me attempt a take off, do some flying, try to find a KC-135 refuel tanker to beg for some fuel and then land at the base. This sounded like a lot of fun and very challenging for a guy that has no clue how to flight a jet but I took the challenge and got to work.  It took me several attempts and a lot of help from my friend just to get to the end of the runway without running off the tarmac.  With more help I was able to get the jet off the ground and keep the jet straight while flying.  Finding the refuel tanker was not possible so decided to land this powerful little machine.  Yes you guess it I just burned over 100 million dollars by crashing the jet upon touch down, not only once but several times.

The intention of the Simulator is to diabolically plot to stump the pilots with a combination of system failures that are convincing enough to increase the pulse rate and cause stress for the pilot. The outcome is that the pilot practices so many of the simulated potential disasters and recoveries that the worst never happens when they are actually in flight.

If you had a Simulator in your own life along with a strong team, would you have the courage to soar into the air on a jet? If you could sit in a simulator when you face a problem or opportunity that you are trying to make a decision about and you could dial up all the potential disasters, would you be able to recover and navigate successfully through the scenarios?

How do you create a successful team that can help you prepare for difficulties in your business and life? It may be hiring a professional coach, or work with a mentor, or create a board of directors so you can experiment on a small scale before you plunge into new territory. The key is that an F-16 pilot can’t practice enough or know enough to do it alone. It is important to recognize that you can’t either.

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