Success Through Failure

This year thousand of biking professionals and aficionados watched with heart ache how Lance Armstrong started losing time daily through out the Tour of France stages. Weeks before the Tour I read several articles where Armstrong positively explained the superiority of his team, the coaching staff and his personal readiness to make a new attempt for the title.

There is quite a story behind the stunning results. Armstrong was disheartened to realize to what extent the younger cyclist participating in the 2010 Tour de France were capable of. The fans, the critics and the world witnessed also the defeat of the champion. Many of them heavily criticized Lance for the foolish decision to attempt to conquer the yellow jersey one more time

Now that is all over I look back and try to put myself on Lance’s position attempting to discover the WHY he decided to do it and what I come out with is that in order to do what he did takes a lot of courage, dedication, toughness and a huge desire to reach success.  I truly believe that he was not so much interested on the yellow jersey at the end but rather test his ability to fulfill the expectation to succeed.

As a biker that loves the sport I can see the evolution of the bicycle and how the industry has created the sleekest and fastest bicycles in the world. Without a champion who could provide the resources, passion, design facilities and expertise, the great biking athletes would never have realized their dream.

Lance thank you for your efforts and gift to the cycling community.

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  1. Sue says:


    You’ve done a great job of pointing out what I see as a “problem” in our culture–an obsession with having to win or produce a valuable outcome at the expense of appreciating the process or the motivation for taking on a task or activity in the first place. Sometime “what we have to show” for our endeavours are not so much a tangible prize or yellow jersey as an inner sense of accomplishment or affirmation of some quality, or just the thrill/joy of participating in the activity.

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