While in a coaching session with two of my clients last week they wanted to know the best way to get others to follow the vision they are attempting to make stick inside their company. They feel that people is listening but not taking the actions necessary to make the vision a reality.

My first question was: What is the level of trust between you and your people? After a short moment of silence one of them said that they were not sure and probably the trust level was low. I point them out that they are not likely to lead people through wrenching change if they don’t have a culture of trust. And if they are to trust you, they have to know you: who you are, where you have come from, and why you hold the views you do. Ideally, they’ll end up not only understanding you but also empathizing with you.

They went on asking: how do you do that? One of the things I spend a lot of time with executives during Leadership Development is discussing story telling. I am a firm believer that storytelling is an increasingly accepted way to achieve management goals. One of the patterns that I teach my clients is called “Communicating Who You Are.” Stories for this purpose are usually based on a life event that reveals some strength or vulnerability and shows what the speaker took from the experience. Unlike a story designed to spark action, this kind is typically “well told,” with colorful details and context.

For example, Jack Welch’s success in making GE a winner was undoubtedly aided by his ability to tell his own story which includes a tongue-lashing he once received from his mother after he hurled a hockey stick across the ice in response to a disappointing loss. His mother chased the young Jack Welch into the locker room where the young men on the team were changing and grabbed him by the shoulders. “You punk!” he reports her saying in his memoir, “If you don’t know how to lose, you’ll never know hoe to win.”

On the face of it, this is a story about Jack Welch’s youth, but it’s also a story about the Jack Welch of today. From this story, we get a good idea of the kind of person Jack Welch became as CEO of GE, obsessed with winning, strong on loyalty, and with an aggressive style of behavior, someone who is very much “in your face.”

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As an Executive Coach, I often work with clients taking actions toward fulfilling their goals. People solve problems based on previous experiences and don’t take into consideration very important factors available to them such as moods and emotions. Moods and emotions, as pre-dispositions for action, are critical in shaping our capacity for action. In the coaching interaction, we look at moods and emotions from this perspective, and explore how to be present to and to work with moods and emotions to expand your capacities for action. When you choose to be coached by Human Architecture you will:

  • Discover how moods and emotions impact the ability of you and others to take action.
  • Gain an experiential understanding of how moods and emotions shape your capacity for action.
  • Learn how to shift moods for yourself and others.
  • Learn how to be more fully present to others and their emotions to “meet them where they are.”
  • Learn to how design practices to shift your moods and expand your capacity for action.
  • Experience how the body is a terrain for learning and lasting change and how to work with the body in your daily life.
  • Several contemporary thinkers, particularly Daniel Goleman, have been working with the issues of emotions and how they impact us in both our personal and professional lives. Emotions are not just about how we feel. Moods and emotions pre-dispose us to action—when we are affected emotionally by an experience, then it fundamentally alters our capacity for action. This understanding is crucial to coaching, both in terms of understanding how to work with your own emotions and moods, and also in understanding how to work with the moods and emotions of the people around you.

    “I coach individuals and organizations to pursue excellent performance, to become competent at self observation, to become self-correcting, and eventually self-generating.”

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    Human Architecture is proud to offer TTI’s monthly newsletter to our clients and other website visitors. This informative update contains abundant information as to how you can grow YOUR Bottom Line!

    Just click http://www.ttidisc.com/people-energizing-people/ to see the latest version, and to access the archive of previous months. Enjoy!

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    Don’t miss this white paper by Success Factors! It’s packed with research and information supporting QuantumAction’s foundational belief that there is a SOLID LINE connection people and the Bottom Line!

    Take a look at:

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    The world is experiencing a crisis people are loosing their jobs while others are taking advantage of corporations and their investors. Families are being broken while others are willing to stop, take a look at the situation they are in and make new commitments that will allow them to stay together for the benefit of the whole.

    We are being bombarded day and night by the news enterprises with exaggerations of the reality and that is creating a sense of fear, resignation and cynicism. People are angry and they are expressing their feelings in blogs every minute. The world future appears dark and hopeless.

    Don’t worry I have good news for you today. A friend of mine sent me this You Tube clip that will revive your TRUST on the Human Spirit.

    Watch it, enjoy it and smile Life Is Great.

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    What is Your Company’s Purpose?

    On these hard difficult times most executives and business owners are too busy working “in” the business (trying to survive). I argue that you should be working “on”
    the business instead. What is your company’s purpose? In this climate it is essential that you and your customers understand why your company is in business.

    Purpose is not just a crucial differentiator; it’s the strategic structure that pulls companies through the worst times. A company purpose should be a definitive statement about the difference you are trying to make in the world. What’s more, a purpose-based approach simplifies many difficult decisions and make an uncertain future easy to navigate.
    Companies that know and work toward their purpose are frequently the most successful. Purpose is “your reason for being that goes beyond making money, and it almost results in making more money that you ever thought possible.”

    Wal-mart, the US Air Force, Southwest Airlines, Charles Schwab and BMW are profoundly purpose-driven. All of them know or rediscover their purpose and use it as a foundation for everything they do. And all of them are remarkably, healthy, even amid today’s turmoil.

    While everyone in corporate America is cutting costs and trying to stimulate new revenues, organizations that have a clear purpose won’t be looking for silver bullets or grasping straws.
    I see right now so many business executives and their management teams being myopic when looking at their business and how they are going to navigate in shark infected waters. They are first looking at their own survival and income rather than focusing on the purpose of their business and the important contribution that their products or services provide to others and the economy as a whole.

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    Here is a wonderful example of the power of language. Human beings are able to create their worlds by speaking (writing). Sometimes choosing a different interpretation of a fact can change the outcome completely. Enjoy the video.

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    I am here in my office sitting with my friend Auretha discussing image and styling. She is an Image and Essence Coach and stylist dedicated to empowering people with their authentic image presentation. She tells me that when people do take such action in their life, a whole new realm of possibilities open up for them because the perception that the world has of them shifts. This shift opens new possibilities for them in business, education, relationships, entertainment…you name it. When we communicate ourselves authentically, it raises our vibration and sends a stronger signal to the world. If you are interested in talking to my friend and have a consultation with her at www.intuitionstyling.com

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    Are You Trapped by Routine?

    Here are the top ways to break out of a repressing routine and start living the exciting life you desire.

    1. Do something that motivates you. Do NOT spend all your time only doing things you HAVE to do. Make time to do
    those you really WANT to do. Do what you care about.

    2. Exercise. Exercise is an excellent way to boost your energy levels and put you in a better mood — so you’re more
    optimistic and ready to take on a new challenge.

    3. Make some changes. These can be big — like a change in career — or small, like joining a yoga class. The main point is
    just to do something different. Check out www.IntenseExperiences.com, founded by SixWise columnist Brian Vaszily,
    for some powerful and transformative new experiences.

    4. Start a new hobby. Volunteering, painting, gardening, traveling, golfing … whatever you find fun and mentally

    5. Hang out with fun, interesting people. You know the ones. These are the people who are taking off for weekends in
    the wine country or going on about their latest adventure flipping houses. Make friends with them and let their
    enthusiasm rub off on you.

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    That’s the “vision thing.”

    Japan’s Prime Minister Obuchi stated, “When Japan overcomes its current economic difficulties, it will emerge a more vibrant and flexible society. We will be in an even stronger position to support the values that we share so deeply with the United States–freedom, democracy and respect for human rights.”

    Peter Drucker put it like this. “What you have to do and the way you have to do it is incredibly simple. Whether you are willing to do it, that’s another matter.”

    What leaders have to do today is lead people through change. It’s as simple as 1-2-3. Acknowledge, explain why, and paint a picture of the future. Leaders must create and speak compelling stories about their business.

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