Everyone at some time or other has been kept waiting. You make an agreement to meet someone at a specific time and place, you are there and they don’t show up. Your time is wasted and you begin to feel something akin to skepticism with regard to any further agreements you may make with that person. Eventually, when that person finally does contact you, he or she has what seems to be a perfectly valid reason, excuse or justification (and profuse apology) for not being where they said they would be. And yet, it never seems to make any difference. Your wasted time is never recovered and you still wonder whether or not that person is really Said Is Going To Happendependable.

Keeping your word is a black and white issue. You either make happen what you said is going to happen, or you don’t. If you said you are going to produce some result by a certain time and you don’t, no amount of reasons, excuses, justifications or apologies alters that fact. Reasons are one thing. Results are something completely different.

We are all on the same team. The degree that you can be counted on to make happen exactly what you said is going to happen is the degree of success for all of us. Keeping your word has consequences for those who depend on you doing what you said you would do. If you don’t keep your word, that has consequences too.

While it is true that you always have the choice not to make agreements that are impossible to keep, it is in your best interests to become known as someone who can be depended on to keep their word and simply produce the result, rather that someone who knows all the reasons why what they said is going to happen, does not.

Keeping your word makes a difference!

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The same way our body age and degenerate so do our relationships and businesses.  Most Americans will need to wear some type of glasses in order to maintain good eye sight.   Year after year we will need a stronger prescription.  Trendy new glasses allow us to see better, but do not change our reality.  Without them, we are no longer effective with reading, driving, and playing sports this handicap becomes a total bother for us.   In the other hand, our personal relationships and business have been deteriorating for years so we have bought the bigger diamond, the new SUV or Cadillac, the new home, trips to the Bahamas, Paris or Peru.  They all improved the relationship momentarily, but don’t take care of the real issues.  In business, we increased the line of credit, paid a few old bills, hired new managers that promised better performance, acquired new computers and added technology, but the employees are still not emotional engaged with the organization, clients keep going to greener pastures, our profits are minimal or nonexistent.  We work way too many hours and have no time for family, fun times or community involvement.  So what is the answer?

Personally, I started listening to my doctor and accepted his advice based on his reality as a professional.  He advised me to have cataract surgery which would replace my cloudy lenses with two crystal clear implants.  It totally transformed the way I see the world.  It is unbelievable for me to be able to see the lines on my hands.  The sun is brighter.  The flowers are beautiful with bright colors that I couldn’t see before.  I will now be able to easily repair a flat tire on my bicycle, because I will SEE the puncture in the tube.  Many other things will become very easy for me.  I highly recommend the Eye Institute of Utah specially Dr. Robert Cionni MD.

Regarding relationships and business, I can also say that I have learned how to listen.  I listen to my partner and consider her opinions and honor her requests.   I am willing to shut up, listen, and try it her way.  I don’t know everything and never will.  Being a true partner to her has caused a huge transformation for our relationship and has positively affected how I manage my business.  My life never has been this good.

I challenge you to STOP and take a minute to ask someone qualified to look at your relationships and specially your business.  Let them tell you what they see that is working and what they see that is NOT working.  Hire a business coach or relationship coach.  Work with your coach for a year and see what a huge differences you can make in your life.  If you have any commitment to yourself, you owe it to yourself, your family, and your employees. Today is the time to start living your fabulous LIFE.

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I have not seen a couple who are friends of mine for at least 11 years.  We live probably no farther than five miles apart.  We hooked up through Facebook some time ago and we exchanged a couple messages.  Nothing new.  Life was going well.

About a month ago, looking in my business card file, I found the wife’s card so I called her to see if the information was current.  We talked in the phone briefly and decided to get together for a lunch after her tennis game on Friday.  On Friday at 11:30 I was at the place we selected to have lunch.  She wasn’t there so I waited for fifteen minutes before calling her.  She responded immediately and after apologizing for the delay she said that she would be there in five minutes or so.  She was there in three minutes.  Promptly, we were seated and she proceeded to tell me that her husband may not be able to make it when suddenly her phone rang.  It was her husband letting her know that he would be there in a few minutes.  I told her that it was great to have both of them for lunch.  When the husband arrived at the table, I stood up to welcome him.  With great surprise, I notice that his right arm was missing.  I choked.   I didn’t know what to say.  It has been eleven years since we saw each other last. We hugged each other and sat down at the table.

We ordered food and drinks while talking back and forth about our lives the kids, our jobs, and other common friends.  I keep wondering about the missing arm, what happened? Automobile accident? Skiing accident? Or what?  Is it rude to ask? I don’t want to embarrass him or myself, what should I do? Then the wife excuses herself and goes to the ladies room.  The husband and I look at each other.  He proceed to tell me about his battle with cancer, the chemo treatments, the pain, the inconvenience of not being able to do what he loves (he is a professional ski instructor) and his unknown future.  He and the doctor chose to let the arm go in the best interest of defeating cancer.  The surgery went well.  He is a very strong man.  He recuperated quickly and began adapting to a new life.  He looks physically well he seems to be enthusiastic about life, family, and work.  He told me that he was happy with his decision and is looking forward to new challenges.

Wow, what a hero!  I am still moved by his courage, perseverance, resilience, and most important, his passion for life.  Social networks do not capture the reality of our lives, they are insipid, tasteless, and a time waste.  I will always prefer to call a friend, get together for coffee or lunch, and really get to be present with them in their lives.   I realized that eleven years was too long.

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I made Google’s first page listing under Business Consulting for Corporation, Executive Coaching. I couldn’t have done it on my own and it would have cost thousand of dollars if done commercially.  With the support of the two BEST Social Media Marketing coaches I was able to meet my goal.  Buzz Boosters (Shahar Boyayan and Nashlah Boyayan) are absolutely the best in the business.

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I have a best friend that flights F-16 Fighter planes in the US Air Force.  A few years back he invited me a couple times to the base and showed me how the F-16 flight simulator works.  He even let me sit in the simulator and let me attempt a take off, do some flying, try to find a KC-135 refuel tanker to beg for some fuel and then land at the base. This sounded like a lot of fun and very challenging for a guy that has no clue how to flight a jet but I took the challenge and got to work.  It took me several attempts and a lot of help from my friend just to get to the end of the runway without running off the tarmac.  With more help I was able to get the jet off the ground and keep the jet straight while flying.  Finding the refuel tanker was not possible so decided to land this powerful little machine.  Yes you guess it I just burned over 100 million dollars by crashing the jet upon touch down, not only once but several times.

The intention of the Simulator is to diabolically plot to stump the pilots with a combination of system failures that are convincing enough to increase the pulse rate and cause stress for the pilot. The outcome is that the pilot practices so many of the simulated potential disasters and recoveries that the worst never happens when they are actually in flight.

If you had a Simulator in your own life along with a strong team, would you have the courage to soar into the air on a jet? If you could sit in a simulator when you face a problem or opportunity that you are trying to make a decision about and you could dial up all the potential disasters, would you be able to recover and navigate successfully through the scenarios?

How do you create a successful team that can help you prepare for difficulties in your business and life? It may be hiring a professional coach, or work with a mentor, or create a board of directors so you can experiment on a small scale before you plunge into new territory. The key is that an F-16 pilot can’t practice enough or know enough to do it alone. It is important to recognize that you can’t either.

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This year thousand of biking professionals and aficionados watched with heart ache how Lance Armstrong started losing time daily through out the Tour of France stages. Weeks before the Tour I read several articles where Armstrong positively explained the superiority of his team, the coaching staff and his personal readiness to make a new attempt for the title.

There is quite a story behind the stunning results. Armstrong was disheartened to realize to what extent the younger cyclist participating in the 2010 Tour de France were capable of. The fans, the critics and the world witnessed also the defeat of the champion. Many of them heavily criticized Lance for the foolish decision to attempt to conquer the yellow jersey one more time

Now that is all over I look back and try to put myself on Lance’s position attempting to discover the WHY he decided to do it and what I come out with is that in order to do what he did takes a lot of courage, dedication, toughness and a huge desire to reach success.  I truly believe that he was not so much interested on the yellow jersey at the end but rather test his ability to fulfill the expectation to succeed.

As a biker that loves the sport I can see the evolution of the bicycle and how the industry has created the sleekest and fastest bicycles in the world. Without a champion who could provide the resources, passion, design facilities and expertise, the great biking athletes would never have realized their dream.

Lance thank you for your efforts and gift to the cycling community.

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Effective leadership is the creation of “willing followers”. In other words, more effective leadership involves the engagement of people rather than the control of them. What makes the concept of leadership as “engaging” rather than “controlling” more valuable? The simple answer lies in the amount of energy that followers will invest if they do so willingly rather than through compulsion. As a result, these willing followers will generally be more focused and give more of their discretionary time towards the desired vision and outcomes.

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A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be. – Rosalynn Carter

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“Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.”

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“It is important to acknowledge a mistake instantly, correct it, and learn from it. That literally turns a failure into a success. Success is on the far side of failure.”T.J. Watson 1874-1956, Founder if IBM

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