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Are you an executive, independent professional or small business owner who is losing heart?

If you are in business in order to make a real difference in the world, whether you are a business executive, service professional, consultant,  health professional, financial or real estate professional, or other business that helps people Business Consulting for Corporations might be something to take on.

I promise you that your business can make a difference in the world and be profitable, without violating your vision for success. Unfortunately, your vision can easily get lost in the overwhelming whirl of details and pressure with the bottom line. It's no surprise you can end up burnt-out, losing your confidence, passion, and direction.  Clients that participated in the Business Consulting for Corporations program have gain great insight, deeper understanding and acquire new competencies on how to become an effective leader.

Mark Eaton, Former NBA Star

Mark Eaton
Former NBA Star

When I came to Julio, after a long professional career in the NBA I was feeling stagnant and in need of a re-start in my personal life and my business.

Julio my executive business coach taught me how to be authentic, vulnerable and powerful all at the same time. He showed me how to get out of my own way and allow success to happen everyday. Best of all, the lessons he taught me are from his own life, both the ups and the downs. Those lessons have stuck with me, year after year

Julio’s support is profoundly thorough — he combines powerful, transformational ideas with the most practical, down-to-earth guidance. That guidance helped me write and speak in an authentic, compelling way and launch a professional speaking career. I now regularly receive standing ovations for my keynote presentation, “The Four Commitments of a Winning Team.”

Most of us think we have to re-create the wheel to get to the next level, and that is will take a great deal of pain and effort to get there. Following Julio’s simple process, I shortened my learning curve by decades.  Julio changed my life and I know he can change yours, if you are ready to get in the driver’s seat, call him now!

Thanks Coach!

Mark Eaton

It doesn't have to be this way. Human Architecture Business Executive Coaching Program will allow you to take a new look at the reality of your business and support you to engage in a path of success. 

Whatever your calling, you can be effective, operate with integrity in your heart with marketing, money and doing business:

  • Make a real difference in the world for your clients, your employees, your community;
  • Have an abundant business that earns more than just paying the bills;
  • Bring your spiritual heart fully into your business, without giving up on success.

julio garreaudHi, I'm Julio Garreaud, founder of Human Architecture.

Since 1999 I've helped thousands of people in business fully integrate their lives bringing integrity and spirituality into effective business practices. If you want a successful, profitable business that makes a real contribution without burning yourself out, you are in the right place.


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